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Collection: Attendance Machines

We all know how vital the attendance system is across the globe. Whether you're working in a corporate environment or you still remember the good old school days. Attendance marking and checking have been a significant part of our everyday routines for God know how many years. And to be honest, it is indeed a great way to regulate the process of transparency when it comes to evaluating the performance of someone.

Back in the majority of the schools around the globe, attendance is still taken manually. So all the children will say 'Yes Sir!' or 'Yes Madam!' on their respective roll calls. Pretty old-fashioned, right? But we think it's now finally time to modernize the way.

In technologically upgraded offices and similar centers, attendance isn't an issue now. No one needs to call out the name of every single employee. Instead, attendance machines are installed at the front door. The employee can mark their attendance by simply using their fingerprint or scanning their employment card's dedicated bar/QR code.

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